Publishing options in WordPress

With its user-friendly interface, WordPress provides versatile publishing options to meet diverse content needs, empowering creators to manage their schedules effectively and reach their audience efficiently. Users can customize post visibility and collaborate seamlessly with drafting and revising features.Please take a moment to read our tutorial below on publishing options in WordPress.

Publishing, the settings

  1. Login to Your WordPress Dashboard: Access your WordPress website’s dashboard by entering your credentials (username and password) on the login page.
  2. Create or Edit a Post/Page: Navigate to the “Posts” or “Pages” section on the left-hand menu of your dashboard. Click on “Add New” to create a new post/page, or select an existing one to edit.
  3. Draft Your Content: Write your post/page content in the provided editor. You can format text, add images, embed media, and more using the editing tools available.
  4. Choose Publishing Options:
    • Publish Immediately: If you want to make your content live immediately, simply click the “Publish” button located on the right-hand side of the editor. Your post/page will be published instantly.
    • Schedule for Later: To schedule your content for future publishing, click on the “Edit” link next to “Publish immediately” within the Publish meta box. Choose the desired date and time for your content to go live, then click “Schedule.”
  5. Customize Visibility (Optional): If you want to control who can view your post/page, you can adjust its visibility settings. Under the Publish meta box, click on “Visibility” and choose between “Public,” “Password Protected,” or “Private” options.
  6. Save Drafts and Revisions: Throughout the drafting process, WordPress automatically saves your work as drafts. You can also manually save drafts by clicking the “Save Draft” button. Additionally, if you make revisions to a published post/page, you can save those changes as drafts before updating the content.
  7. Preview and Publish: Before publishing your content, you can preview how it will appear on your website by clicking the “Preview” button. Once you’re satisfied with the preview, click “Publish” to make your post/page live according to your chosen publishing option.
  8. Manage Published Content: After publishing, you can manage your content by accessing the “Posts” or “Pages” section of your dashboard. Here, you can view, edit, or delete published content as needed.

Publishing options on the dashboard

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